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How is the Victoria Native Friendship Centre connected to the Victoria Urban Reconciliation Dialogue (VURD)?


The VNFC act’s as host of the Steering Committee, handling the logistics and maintaining the records of the Committee. The VNFC is the role model for Indigenous process’ in meetings and champion the influence of Indigenous worldview in the design and approaches to all work mandated by the Committee.
The VNFC will be proactive in building relationships with those agencies and individuals identified by the Committee as vital to the Reconciliation Dialogue and act as the liaison to community for those interested in engaging with the Committee.

Can anyone join the Victoria Urban Reconciliation Dialogue Advisory Panel Gathering?


Those who join in the Victoria Urban Reconciliation Dialogue Advisory Panel Gathering receive a formal invitation to attend. Those who attend the Gathering are part of the Advisory Panel which include community agencies, First Nations, Metis Nation, school districts, police, health authority, post-secondary institutions, all levels of government (municipal, provincial, and federal), and the indigenous community including Elders and youth.