Become a Book Bash Champion of Literacy!

Book Bash! challenges readers of all ages in Greater Victoria to obtain donation pledges from friends and family for every 100 pages they read in August.  Participants are invited to challenge themselves, friends, groups or businesses to see who reads the most pages. And there will be prizes! Check out their Champions tab on their website and the activity on their Facebook page. (hover curser over text for links)

Book Bash! helps support the Victoria Literacy Connection’s free literacy programs for children, youth and adults in Greater Victoria. VLC’s programs include Reading Partners (a program that pairs adult tutors with reluctant child readers), PenPals (a program that pairs children with adults for supervised letter exchanges), adult tutoring (a program that pairs adult tutors with adult learners) and more.The Victoria Literacy Connection works with First Nation’s children and adults in all programs, and has run some collaborative programs with some nations in the past. 

Be sure to check out this read-a-thon challenge, and count how many pages YOU can read this August!